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Related Partner Sites
Tully's Port Tully's Port, the message board of
J-Air Forum Japanese Aircraft forums
3-D IJN Warships Mechanisms of Imperial Japanese Navy Warships in 3-D
WW2DB World War II Database
IJN Doctrine Imperial Japanese Navy Signals and Instructions
Scale Modeling Resources
ALNAVCO Specialists in miniature metal models, they are a firm which markets 1:1200/1:1250 scale waterline metal models (based on the old WWII recognition models).
Model Ship Construction An excellent resource on model shipbuilding and accessories geared more towards the age of sail, but with some modern (as late as WWII) topics as well The Shipmodelling Site Dedicated Naval modellers will find a very active discussion forum here. Loaded with good information, in-depth kit reviews, tips-n-tricks, etc. A totally killer resource for the modeler. They are always glad to post pictures of your ship models if you have them Updated almost daily with new photos of ships, as well as a very active discussion forum here as well. Loaded with good information, in-depth kit reviews, tips-n-tricks, etc. Step by step build articles are very helpful.They are also always glad to post pictures of your ship models if you have them
SMML I rely on this free daily subscription to be in my mail every morning. Signing up for the mailing list is easy, and the forum offers great modeling tips. Shane Jenkins runs it, and is also a VP for the Austrailian Plastic Modelers Association.
Pacific Front Hobbies Another good source for this sort of stuff is Pacific Front Hobbies. Bill Gruner is the proprietor, and he offers a very wide array of Japanese stuff; kits, books, and plans. Definitely worth checking out.

Pacific Front Hobbies
P.O. Box 2098.
Roseburg, OR 97470
Phone: (541) 464-8579

E-mail here

Naval Base Hobbies Yet another source for Japanese model stuff.

Naval Base Hobbies
PO Box 207
Cedarhurst, NY 11516
phone/fax 718-471-5464

E-mail here

Australian Plastic Modelers Association That's pretty much what it is, alright! And a nice group they are.
The Tamiya Company's 1/350 scale representaion of the wreck of the Battleship Yamato See how the Tamiya Company put together the representaion of the current state of the wreck, which was surveyed last August. This has a very high coolness factor!!!

HobbyLink Japan A Japanese mail order company with military kits and Anime mecha kits. Features a handy currency converter.
Squadron Mail Order A mail order model shop, which has kits, plans, books and so on.
Abe Taubman's Plan Service Rumor also has it that this gentleman, whom I have never had the pleasure to speak with (yet), has plans of just about everything that ever floated:

Abe Taubman's Plan Service
11 College Drive
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Phone: (201) 435-5205

Ship plans from Germany Rumor also has it that detailed plans of IJN warships (from Japan) can be obtained from:

Postfach 12 03 08
42873 Remscheid

The following plans are available (catalogue 93/94):
1/200 scale: Yamato, Mushashi, Nagato, Mutsu, Kirishima, Yamashiro, Akagi, Tone, Suzuya, Maya, Ashigara, Nachi, Myoko, Takao, Tama, Kitakami, Akizuki, Kaibokan 8.
1/100 scale: Akizuki, Etorofu, Kaibokan 8

Prices between DM40 and DM110

International Plastic Modeling Society A great way to Network with other Plastic modelers throughout the world is through IPMS.
White Ensign Models Homepage WEM is an excellent source for naval modellers. They have concocted an excellent homebrew of accurate IJN and other naval paints to help in making your kit as accurate as possible.

Book Sources
TORPEDO JUNCTION Military Books Submarine connoisseur Rick Savel has been slingin' Sub info since 1994. Specializing in New, Used, Autographed and Out of Print Submarine and Naval Books, the WORLD's Largest Inventory of Submarine and U-Boat Books and Memorabila!! TORPEDO JUNCTION Military Books, P.O. Box 227, Penngrove, CA 94951-0227 U.S.A

The Military Book Review Reviews of Pacific War books are fairly common on this site. Check them out for sure.

World War II Book Service The Second World War Books website is devoted to helping readers, researchers, and collectors find and acquire the books they want. It contains a Publisher Directory, Bookseller Directory, WWII Book Bibliography, News & Info, free book search service, etc.

The Scholar's Bookshelf Lots of military book titles.

Brick Tower Press They publish many books in the maritime field. "...a good place for good books"

Naval and World War II Links
The Battleship Yamato As if we need to say more... This is a great site and may hold a few suprises for even those very knowledgable on the topic!
The Battle Off Samar - Taffy III at Leyte Gulf web site To Honor the Missing in Action and Killed in Action, and Survivors who served aboard the thirteen ships and embarked composite squadrons of Task Unit 77.4.3 (Taffy III) on October 25, 1944.
I-16tou An extensive site to present the evidence, findings and opinions of the team that found and identified a submarine wreck as the missing fifth Imperial Japanese Navy special submarine, I-16tou. Sometimes known as "Midget E" it was one of five miniature submarines that participated in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Much of this information provides additional perspective supplementing the January 2010 PBS/NOVA documentary, Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor . A must-see site for investigators of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
U.S. Carriers A very informational website collecting historic and deployment data of currently active U.S. Navy warships. Gives you the ability to drill down into a LOT of information on each ship's Deployment History Some fun animations depicting the movements of forces during the more famous campaigns of the Pacific Theater Of Operations
Valor At Sea WELCOME ABOARD! The following pages are dedicated to the brave men who set sail as members of the United States Navy submarine force in World War II.The heroic efforts of American submarines during the war in the Pacific is frequently overlooked and often sadly understated.
KAMIKAZE A nice site dedicated to the Japanese pilots who died for thier country. Interesting introspective provided through copies of last wills, poetry and final notes to loved ones before making the ultimate sacrfice, as well as other helpful information.
World War II Database A catalog of general World War II history with thousands of photographs. It is updated very regularly and is a great reference site. This site is maintained by C. Peter Chen, a member of the staff.
A Tribute to CV-5; USS Yorktown From Someone who was there, a dedication to a famous ship from a veteran of the USN
Warship: The World's Naval Fleets This web site is a Warship Photo Collection of All World Fleets and its intention is to cover and present the pictoral history of almost all battleship, cruiser and aircraft carrier classes from their main development period ca. 1900-1946.
Paul's Pacific War Odyssey Paul's website is dedicated to the Pacific war and it concerns an expedition that he is organizing. He would like to find like-minded individuals who want to go with him, and he would like to get the word out. Man! Who wouldn't want to go! The site has some very interesting nostalgic WW2 radio transmission that play while you surf his site.
Battleship Bismarck Probably one of the best Battleship pages out there, this site has TONS of very interesting information and images, and sports a very entertaining discussion forum with usually very knowledgable naval armor and artillery experts.
World War II Armed Forces A great site dedicated to World War II Orders of Battle and Organizations put together by Dr. Leo Niehorster. A terrific breakdown of the hierarchies of many different Armed Forces, but, of course, the one on the IJN is the coolest!
American Merchant Marine at War A long neglected arena, this great page covers all aspects of The US Merchant Marine's involvement in all conflicts back to the Revolutionary War.
P.T. Boats, Inc. Finally; A cool site dedicated to P.T. Boats. A definite must!
Battleship Yamato Research and Recovery Expedition That's correct, the folks that brought up chunks of the Titanic teamed up with the Japanese for the mission of research, respect, and the recovery of some objects. Nicely done, and a definite must.
U.S. Navy's Archived photos of IJN Ships Some cool shots in here that you may or may not have seen.

World War 2 in the Pacific A new site on the topic by Guy Conquest.

U-Web One of the coolest pages on miltary stuff anywhere, run by my friend Gudmundur Helgason. If you are into U-Boats, then this is THE place to go. Great drawings and loads of good factual stuff.
LITTLE WOLF AT LEYTE and SUBCHASER IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC A site to promote two books written by my friend J. Henry Doscher, Jr. The first recounts the experiences of the U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts at the Battle Off Samar during the Leyte Gulf campaign. The second recounts the author's experiences aboard a subchaser serving in the Solomon Islands during 1942-43. Both are well-written, fast-moving accounts, and give insight into some rather unsung heroes of the Pacific War. In addition, all proceeds from their sale benefit the Museums of Abilene in the new Grace Cultural Center, Abilene, Texas. Worth a looksie for sure.
Death of the U.S.S. Houston Two videos concerning "The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast", features a new website user interface
Aircraft Carriers of World War 2 I imagine that's pretty self-explanitory. Big pictures of Carriers to download!
Battleship Row
Information on the USN at Pearl Harbor.
HMS Hood Association Information on HMS Hood.
The Pacific War: The U.S. Navy Information about the Pacific War with particular focus on the US Navy.
Regia Marina Italiana Italian Navy site.
WWI: The War at Sea This is a WWI navy site. Wrong war, but nice site nevertheless!
Dutch Navy Site Site dedicated to the most important "small navy".
Hochseeflotte History Hochseeflotte History covers both the German High Seas Fleet (WWI) and Kriegsmarine (WWII).
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships is a great catalog of US Navy warships.


Naval Tactics and Doctrine
IJN Signals and Instructions An index to many IJN doctrine,tactics and signals publications that were captured and translated during the war. The blue links open outlines of each of the documents. Also included is a comprehensive list of the naval reports in the Japanese Monograph series.
Royal Navy Flag Officers The title "Royal Navy Flag Officers 1904-1945" is misleading. That site is very similar to "Nihon Kaigun". The scroll down link "Records and References" has numerous original documents of a technical nature. This website is about the Royal Navy. The most interesting feature is the ship movements section similar to the Tabular Records of Movement (TROM) found on!

Game Links
Seekrieg Whether you are fascinated by the lumbering old pre-dreadnought warships of 1880-1906, the majestic dreadnought battlefleets of the early Twentieth Century, the fast carrier task forces of World War Two or anything in-between, we hope you will find some interesting and useful information here.
American World War 2 submarine operations A Great Gaming resource for those into WW2 Submarine simulators
Pacific Storm Pacific Storm is a strategic game about WWII where the player takes control of Japanese or American fleet and leads the war effort. There's also a tactical RTS and a simulator mode, so that the player can participate as a pilot or a navy officer in every engagement of the war.
War Across the Pacific: 1941 - 1945 Some guys from Poland put together a fun little strategy game on the Pacific Naval Campain... Easy to use interface and enjoyable to play.
Uncommon Valor: Campaign for the South Pacific. Matrix Games has joined forces with legendary game designer Gary Grigsby, Joel Billings and Keith Brors of 2by3Games to bring to you the ultimate operational campaign of the south pacific.Uncommon Valor is the first of a three game series.You will find that you are not just playing a game but running a war! Uncommon Valor is a completely new operational game covering the campaigns for New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland and the Solomon chain from May 1942 to the end of December 1943. Very Cool!
Matrixgames In this day and age where the main focus of games is on flight simulators and first person shooters along with few games focused on strategy, Matrix Games is one of the companies focusing mostly on strategy games with titles covering from ancient to modern times. They've taken on the re-release of famous titles such as Carriers at War and Norm Koger's The Operational Art of War as well as games designed by legendary game designer Gary Grigsby.
Pacific General Forum A site dedicated to the enthusiasts of "Pacific General". Share Ideas, etc..
Pacific General Armory This website exists to enhance and expand the gaming experience of both Pacific General from SSI's Five-Star Series, and Panzer General II from SSI's Living Battlefield series of games.
Historical Strategy Recreations "Developing multi-player, historical strategy games for Windows 95/98 and the Internet. Specializing in surface ship combat. Featuring state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, with plausibility as the cornerstone of development."
The Naval Gazette An independent journal of naval history, oriented towards the naval wargamer. The Gazette covers all periods of history, and includes interesting articles on famous battles, miniatures, painting, and so on. Subscriptions are $16.95 per year, and can be obtained by writing to:

Naval Gazette
P.O. Box 1594
Brookfield, WI 53008

Or send e-mail to Paul Schindler

The General's Guild A great wargaming resource for all of you virtual tankers out there.
Gamespot Hey, I've been awarded their honorary HotSpot, so I'd better have a link to GameSpot, a forum for computer games of all kinds!
Games Domain Another great game review page!
Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway Not exactly naval war related, but a fun game nevertheless!


Other Naval and History Links
Battleship stock photos and images Foto Search's military photography database contains thousands of professionally produced military images including pictures of battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, cruisers, submarines, and more. The full gallery contains over a million images, including thousands of photos, illustrations, footage, and maps. It offers your users the opportunity to view world-class military photography free of charge.
Seawarstore Please feel free to browse the wide variety of naval-related products here at the SEAWARSTORE. These products are geared towards those of you interested in the warships and navies of the world from about 1800 through 1945.
Imperial Japanese Sake Cups This is pretty cool folks! This site is to help everyone enjoy the exciting hobby of collecting military sake cups and bottles from Imperial Japan. Friend-Ships is an exciting website for Crew, Passengers & all Naval Personnel to reunite with shipmates worldwide, they have 100,000 ship's of every type, dating back to WW2! Garreth Hughes' website has detailed timelines of every theatre of combat during the Second World War. A very handy research source.
The Fighter Factory Preserving History Through the Recovery and Restoration of World War II Aircraft
US Navy Boot Camp Joining the Navy? Know what to expect!
World War II Plus 55 By David Lipmann Daily events from around the globe as they happened 55+ years ago today... An impressive database David has accumulated!
1939-1945 - La Segunda Guerra Mundial - Los aņos que cambiaron el mundo (1939-1945 - World War II - the years that changed the world) A look at the Second World War from a Spanish point of view, courtesy of Mr. Jose Miguel Fernandez
Ron's Submarine Covers Ron has collected a wide array of postcards and stamps from all the world's fleets spanning many decades. Some interesting material.
The Russo-Japanese War Research Society The Russo-Japanese War Research Society is an on-line study group dedicated to the research and documentation of the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05. Thier goal is the quality presentation of articles and archives relating to the war as well as the pre and post war periods. Very Well organized. Flight-History is dedicated to capturing aviation history. The archives feature a growing collection of photographs, stories and aircraft specifications. The site includes the aviation artwork of several artists.
Battleships of the Bismarck Class Some very nice graphics, photo's, and factual data make up this comprehensive site dedicated to the two ultimate German sluggers.
Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class Another great site by Mr. John Asmussen, this one focusing on those two German Battlecruisers who always seemed such a nuisance to the Royal Navy.
UNITED STATES STRATEGIC BOMBING SURVEY SUMMARY REPORT(Pacific War) If you are stuck at home on a rainy, dreary weekend and have nothing to do, then DEFINATELY read this. It is full of ALOT of revealing information. This is an extremely well written document, and taught me a thing or two! A very cool, heavy-hittin' site dedicated to all branches of service, and very informative
David R. Huskins's Homepage David has a modest website which does have quite a few links related to issues and events many of the South Pacifics Island territories, today and yesterday.
Homepage of the United States Naval Institute I've subsribed for over ten years now.
The Battleship Homepage Need we say more?
The Website For Defence Industries A great springboard for all of the worlds official and unofficial Naval and Military Websites.VERY extensive!
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive In This page will allow you download video clips of old U.S.A.A.C. training films. If you need some pointers on how to fly that Thunderbolt of yours, check out this GREAT site!
Jane's Information Group Ya gotta go to the grand-daddy of defense rags.
Naval Technology Site Naval defence industry website locus.
Haze Grey and Underway For those of you into the U.S. Navy, the owner of this page, Andrew Toppan, knows just about everything there is to know about U.S. warships, and a whole lot else besides. His page also has quite a nice set of links to other Navy stuff (including my page). Andrew is also one of the more prolific contributor to my favorite Usenet newsgroup: sci.military.naval.
The State of the Russian Navy Page I'm also interested in the Russian Navy, having (briefly) worked towards a Ph.D. in defense policy stuff at Georgetown University. Here's a good page for that subject.
U.S.S. Salt Lake City, CA25 Lots of material to delve into here, this Website was established in August of 1999. It is "dedicated" to ALL the VETERANS who served on the USS SLC CA25 along with their stories and the history of the "Swayback Maru" "Queen of the Sea" "The One Ship Fleet".
U.S.S. Bangust, DE739 This gentleman is very proud of the ship he served on during WW2, and has a very nice site with great pics and histories.
U.S.S. Washington Home Page Why Washington State didn't try to preserve this great BB is beyond me
U.S.S. Bowfin Submarine museum and park This sub is preserved as a museum in Honolulu, Hawaii. It offers a very nice virtual reality tour.
U.S.S. Saufley Home Page Another famous Fletcher Class DD that had a long service life
OnlineArchive Online Archive - (no charge) Website solely dedicated to providing authors and researchers a place to: publish, manage, and share their documents and research material with people of similar interest. This website is always looking for new scribes to provide high-quality material.