Previously Featured Books

Allied Defense of the Malay Barrier by author Tom Womack.
Carrier Attack Darwin by authors Dr. Tom Lewis and Peter Ingmam.
Sunday in Hell by author Bill McWilliams.
Darwin's Submarine I-124 by author Tom Lewis.
Pearl Harbor 1941: The Day of Infamy by author Carl Smith.
Clash of the Carriers by author Barett Tillman.
At Dawn We Slept by author Gordon W. Prange.
Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers 1921-45 by author Mark Stille.
A Blue Sea of Blood: Deciphering the Mysterious Fate of USS Edsall by author Don Kehn.
ShipCraft #9: Kongo Class Battle Cruisers by author Steve Wiper.
Warship Pictorial #30: IJN Takao Class Cruisers by author Steve Wiper.
"America's Fighting Admirals" by author William Tuohy.
"Warship Pictorial #25: IJN Yamato Class Battleships" by Classic Warship Publishing.
"Pearl Harbor" by author H. P. Willmott (Cassel & Co, London 2001).
"Warship Pictorial #13: IJN Kongo Class Battleships" by Classic Warship Publishing.
"Warship Pictorial #17 - IJN Myoko Class Cruisers" by Classic Warship Publishing.
"World War II Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon" by Dan E. Bailey.
"Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1887-1941" by David Evans and Mark Peattie.
"The Swift and Deadly, Imperial Japanese Navy Ship and Ground Unit Order of Battle for 8 December 1941" Published by Star Games, Inc.
"Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War" Published by United States Naval Inst.
"Imperial Japanese Navy Aces 1937-1945" Osprey Publishing (1998).
"Empires in the Balance" United States by the Naval Institute Press (1982).

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