Katori-class Light Cruiser

Katori class


(Model kits manufactured by Aoshima)

These ships were originally laid down as training cruisers. As such they carried an interesting hodge-podge of 6" and 5" guns, and a mixed powerplant of steam boilers and diesels. They were real barn-burners, capable of making a heady 18 knots flat out. Not too surprisingly, we sank all three.

Not Pictured: Kashima, Kashii.

Year CompletedKatori: 1940
Kashima: 1940
Kashii: 1941
Displacement6,280 tons
Dimensions425'9" x 52'4" x 18'10"
Speed18 knots
Armament 4 x 5.5"/50
2 x 5"/40
up to 30 x 25mm AA
8 x 13mm AA
4 x 21" TT

Additional Info
Katori Tabular Record of Movement (TROM)
Kashima Tabular Record of Movement (TROM)
Kashii Tabular Record of Movement (TROM)

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Katori-class Light Cruiser
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Light cruiser Kashii, 1941
Light cruiser Kashii, 1941

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